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Leather Statement Clutch - Melanin and Red by VIDA VIDA
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Published: Wed, July 4, 2018 10:01 AM Updated: Wed, July 4, 2018 12:03 PM
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Yukon-based photographer Sean Ramsey's beautiful image of a double rainbow brightening a Kansas sky will officially be on a postage stamp today.

In honor of Independence Day, the U.S. Postal Service is celebrating the release of its new O Beautiful Forever stamps today. The O Beautiful stamp series commemorates the beauty and majesty of the United States through 20 captivating images that visually represent one of the nation’s most beloved songs, “America the Beautiful,” according to a news release.

The stamps will be dedicated tonight in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as part of the Modal Scarf Elegant mandala by VIDA VIDA 4PrhmXT

“As we celebrate America’s 242nd birthday, the United States Postal Service shines a spotlight on our country’s unparalleled natural beauty with a pane of 20 stamps that corresponds with one of the nation’s most beloved songs,” said U.S. Postal Service Colorado Wyoming District Manager Kevin Romero in a statement

From Bailey Island on the coast of Maine to the rugged cliffs of Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park in Hawaii, the O Beautiful Forever stamps showcase the country’s extraordinary natural beauty.

The stamps include a national seashore, national parks, state parks, parks managed by the U.S. Forest Service and the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The stamps highlight some of the nation’s hidden gems, such as wheat fields in Wisconsin and Montana and the lush, fertile landscape surrounding Orinda, California. The stamps also celebrate the country’s ephemeral wonders, including the aurora borealis lighting up Three Fingers Mountain in Washington, and a quietly stunning spring sunset over the green hills of Livermore, California.

First published as a poem on July 4, 1895, “America the Beautiful” was written by poet Katharine Lee Bates (1859–1929) and set to the music of “Materna,” a melody composed by Samuel Augustus Ward (1848–1903). Considered by many to be the country’s unofficial national anthem, the song consists of four verses, each punctuated by the anthemic cry “America! America!” Today it remains one of the country's most popular patriotic songs.

Each stamp features a photograph that helps illustrate one of five phrases from the song’s famous first verse: “Spacious Skies,” “Waves of Grain,” “Mountain Majesties,” “The Fruited Plain,” and “Sea to Shining Sea.” Each row of the 20-stamp pane includes four stamps that fits into the five phrases from the song.

Figure 1. Modified carbon cycle in extended C-ROADS model. Carbon in biomass, soils, and structures (e.g. lumber in buildings), and fluxes among these compartments, are disaggregated by land type, , and region, . Carbon can flow from biomass and soils from each patch, , , to the atmosphere as CO or CH. In addition, bioenergy harvest and combustion generate CO. CO and CH fluxes associated with changes in land use, e.g. from forest to pasture, cropland or developed land are included in the model but not shown here. On the policy-relevant time scale (e.g. through 2100), creation of new fossil fuels from terrestrial or oceanic carbon sources assumed to be negligible. Note: as described in the text and supplementary material, CH fluxes from biomass and soils are set to zero for forest scenarios considered here to isolate the impact of bioenergy in the scenarios tested.

Download figure:

The carbon cycle in the original C-ROADS model includes globally aggregated stocks of carbon in fossil fuels, the atmosphere, terrestrial biomass and soils, and a four-layer ocean. Here we disaggregate the treatment of terrestrial carbon stocks both geographically and by land type (e.g. forest, pasture, cropland, developed land, etc.). For each region, the model represents the area of each type of land and changes in land use resulting from natural processes and human activity, along with the carbon stocks and fluxes associated with each. The model is extensible to any number of land/land use categories and geographic areas. For example, one could configure the model to represent different types of forests, with similar disaggregation for other land types, and at geographic scales from regions to nations to, if data are available, even smaller areas.

Figure 1 shows an overview of the carbon cycle in the extended model. As in the original model, combustion of fossil fuels injects carbon into the atmosphere. Unlike the original model, carbon stocks in biomass and soil are now represented for each category of land and geographical area. The model also includes a compartment for carbon stored in lumber and structures. Consistent with reporting approaches for the IPCC, FAO, and US Forest Service (FAO 2016 , Penman et al 2003 , Smith et al 2006 ), biomass in forest land includes living trees, including stems, branches, foliage, and coarse roots in both mature and understory trees; the stock denoted 'soil carbon' includes soil organic matter, dead roots, litter (dead foliage, dead branches, etc), downed and standing dead trees, and living fine roots (Woodall et al 2015 ). Biomass is increased by net primary production. Carbon in biomass can return to the atmosphere as CO 2 or CH 4 and is transferred to the soil stock via litterfall and tree mortality. Carbon is also lost from both biomass and dead organic matter by fire. Carbon in the soil stock is transferred to the atmosphere through the activity of decomposers and other heterotrophs (Fahey et al Polo Mens PH 4093 Wayfarer Sunglasses Ralph Lauren 8p2zI6iB8O
). The supplementary material provides full documentation.

Anyway, the doctor wanted to make sure that Boyfriend didn't have SARS or stomach AIDS or something, so he had to poke him a lot. While he was doing this to Boyfriend, he pointed to a little reference chart on the wall and asked Boyfriend to rate his pain::

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I'm reading: Boyfriend Doesn't Have Ebola. Probably. Tweet this! Posted by Allie at
Labels: blood , Cartoons , pain faces

I'm going to print this out and take it along with me when I go do my clinicals. Should be good. Updates to follow.

You ever see those depression charts? They are just as bad.I also don't get #2 on the doctor version. Why would anyone smile, even a little bit, if they were at the hospital in pain.

I think your chart is infinitely more realistic than that stupid doctor's one. from now on, whenever I feel like crap, want to stay home from school, and my mom asks "how are you feeling?"; I'll show her your chart and be like "don't doubt my pain, woman!" while pointing angrily at 8 or 10 or something. She'll believe me then, I bet.

I want a chart like that to outline erotic arousal. I feel like we could sell it to undersatisfied woman around the world and get super duper rich and oh wait am I supposed to be asking about how the boyfriend is doing cause I'd much rather just work toward global domination as per usual?

I think you need to make a depression and arousal chart now.

I'd glad you started with a straight face. Sometimes I laugh when I'm in pain, but those are small pains that are kind of mixed up with funny situtations. Like spinning around in my wheely chair and banging my knee on the metal filing cabinet. That hurts. But it's also funny.

Madam, your blog is better than sex on a rollercoaster while eating the top off of a cupcake.And your adventures in Paint are all the justification one needs for this claim.

Ha! Love it. I truly hope your pain level chart becomes universally adopted by hospitals everywhere.

one time i ate beats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. later that evening, what came out of me, scared me. i was convinced i was dying. the beauty of vegetables.

Wow, Allie. I hope he is feeling better!I do like your chart better.

Best chart ever! LMAO!

Yessssss this is so fucking funny. Classic.

I've been at a constant six lately...your chart is pretty darn accurate

Holy. Shit. New universal chart, ahoy. Also, your interpretation of the real doctor's office chart is perfect. Whenever I'm there I think about child birth and how it was pretty much #10 times A THOUSAND and then I get really irrate and my doctor is always snippy because I'm in full asshole mode by the time she shows up.

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